Friday, September 5, 2014

Holiday Knitting

We spent the holiday weekend at Lake Palestine again. It is quickly becoming our favorite place on earth. We got to sleep inside this time! Though both little guys ended up in our full size bed, so I actuall think I slept better in the tent last time. Bugs and all! We had jet skis this time, so the older kids were out on them all day and the little guys swam in the cove. My husband fished pretty much up until we left on Monday.
I knitted...not very exciting, but I worked on Dylan's florescent socks. I actually finished them last night and he was wearing them when I woke him up this morning. Mom scores!
In the last couple weeks I also finished up the Zuzu's Petals and blocked it last week. I love it. In fact I'm making another one. So I'll have one and my bestie can have one.
Last thing. I finished Project 3 for Camp Loopy!!! I was starting to think that I was going to have another sweater in my WIPs with no sleeves. But the last week of August I found my motiviation and finished the sleeves in a couple days each. I was off unexpectedly when one of my kiddos broke out in a weird rash. So that day knitting really helped. So I finished with a few days to spare. I haven't blocked it yet. In fact I haven't ever blocked anything this big so I'm a little intimidated. Have you seen that The Loopy Ewe is going to do a Loopy Academy?!?! So it's like Camp Loopy all year long. I am totally sucked in and I'm planning my projects. The time frame is a little easier. There is still 3 projects, but you have 4 months to finish them all.

Reading update: my summer reading bingo challenge ended on Labor Day. I am proud to say that I bingo'ed twice, almost 3 times and read a total of 19 books. Now the whole reason for this challenge was to get my son to read and he read 2 books. I'm not going to call this a fail but I was hoping for more. BUT it is 2 more books than he would have read normally. My husband compared it to having a challenge with Tiger Woods saying "Let's see who can hit more golf balls." I just wish that he enjoyed books more!

My finished books have been Eldest and Artemus Fowl. Both books that I bought for my son and he hasn't read. Eldest was ok but I really likes Artemus Fowl. I'm still plugging along slowly re-reading Gone with the Wind, one part per month along with the Cannon Hand Dyes group in Rav. Next up will be Guests on Earth or Splendour Falls. I haven't decided yet. I am catching up on podcasts right now. I got way behind with all the travel lately.

 Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl, #1)

Eldest (Inheritance, #2)

The Splendour Falls

Guests on Earth

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