Friday, October 3, 2014

I Nearly Spent the Night in my Car

We had horrible storms last night. A front came through with strong winds and rain. I got caught in it on my commute home. Apparently some power lines were down on the road, along with tress and signs and such. I was stuck on the highway for 3 hours and it took me another hour and a half winding through side streets. My 1 hour commute turned into a 5 hour trek. Luckily I brought my knitting! The picture on the left is where I was on this new sock when I left work yesterday. The right is where I am this morning. 3 hours of car knitting and listening to podcasts. It started out ok but was brutal at the end. When I got home I took a hot bath and went straight to bed!

I finished a couple things this last week. I got all of those baby sweaters finished and blocked this weekend. And I've gotten most of them delivered. I had them all laying out on my bed like in the picture below and they were ALMOST dry and of course my cat got involved. She just so happened to puke right on one of them! Of all the places! She's done this before to me with a quilt I was basting. So the washing started over.
I also finished my Zigzagular Socks. I wasn't sure that I would like this pattern, since I'm not a huge fan of cables. But I googled it and figured out how to do these without a cable needle so it went much faster. I was actually able to memorize the pattern too so they went pretty fast and I was able to finish them in September!
I got a beautiful skein of yarn a while back. As I've mentioned before I'm in Cannon Hand Dyes Gone with the Wind Club and this was the August skein and I just now got a picture of it. Each skein is inspired by a quote from the book and this one is Rhett through Scarlett's green eyes. "Arrogant devil, isn't he?"
Last is a card that I send out this week. I made it a LONG time ago and have always thought it was so pretty but didn't have a reason to use it. I finally got to send it out because of a Halloween/Fall Swap in the For the Love of Letters group on Ravery. It left on it's way to my swap partner earlier this week. I love this group. There are monthly post card and special delivery swaps. We are doing swaps for Christmas too. I've met so many lovely ladies through this group.

Books I've finished lately were The Splendour Falls and Guests on Earth. I loved both books. If you haven't noticed I like historical fiction! Right now I'm about to finish The Breath of Snow and Ashes, the 6th in the Outlander series.

Guests on Earth

The Splendour Falls

A Breath of Snow and Ashes (Outlander, #6)

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