Thursday, March 20, 2014

Peeking Out to say Hi!

Knowing where to start a blog is a hard thing. I've researched some of my favorite blogs to see how they started and did my hermit thing and sat on it, not making a decision. So I am just going to jump in.
I am 32 and married. We have 3 boys; 12, 4, and 2. I work outside of the home and commute an hour each way. I've been commuting like this for a really long time, so it doesn't bother me. It's the only time during the day that I am truly alone and get to do anything I want. The only thing that would make is better is if I could knit and drive.

 First, what am I working on? I have challenged myself to do a pair of socks per month for 2014. I've done January Socks and February Socks. The February socks have their own story, I'll get into later. My March Socks and made using Knit Picks Felici in the Shamrock colorway. They have discontinued this yarn, so I picked up most of the remaining colors in their recent sock yarn sale. It's soft and cute, but pills a little. But a good price. I have been knitting for a very long time, but I'm just getting in indie dyers and and other yarn companies besides the box store brands and Knit Picks. Most of my stash right now is Knit Picks. Back to the March sock. I'm using the pattern Blurred Lines Sock by Megan Williams of the Stockinette Zombie Videocast. I love watching these two. They seem so nice and I love the cats that wander in and out of the screen. I've been working on this sock for quite a while but I'm just not getting into a rhythm.
  1. This is my first toe up sock. I've been knitting socks for almost 10 years but they are all top down.
  2. I haven't quite memorized the pattern. Not that it's hard... With my yarn, it's about a 16 row repeat, but most of the rows are the same. Row 1, 2, and 3 of each stripe are the only ones that are different and they alternate every stripe. Basically stripe A and stripe B.
  3. But I think the most critical thing is that it is hard on this yarn to tell where one stripe ends and one begins. So I am only able to work on it in REALLY good light. Like the florescent bulbs at work. At home I just can't tell the difference between 4 of the 6 stripes!

That said, I love the socks and can't wait to finish them. The Knit Picks Lovers Group on Ravelry are doing Felici Memorial KAL, so I have to finish them by the end of the month to qualify for the prizes.

Now the story of the February Socks. These were my first afterthought heel socks. Loved knitting them! The yarn was my first indie dyed. It was a special Olympic colorway by Desert Vista Dyeworks called Go for the Gold. They are sparkly and have 5 broad stripes the colors of the Olympic rings and then 3 small stripes, gold, silver, and bronze. Now, these are the only socks I've made so far that can't go into the washing machine and so I got out a small bucket and put them in the water for a bath. Weeeelllll, apparently a 2 day soak is not a good thing. My husband moved the bucket into our back bathroom because the kids were messing with it and I didn't remember to look for them. So the black dye kinda muddled up the bright colors. They are still sparkly and colorful, just more muted now.

Now this is of course not EVERYTHING I am working on. I went crazy a couple days ago and cast on my 3rd pair of socks on the needles. I have several sweaters in the works, and at least a hat. But I'm getting tired. But I wanted to share what was waiting in the mailbox yesterday.

I got my second purchase from Gnome Acres. I am doing a Sock Yarn Blanket. I have tons of scraps, but they are mostly solid and I couldn't resist her mini skeins. I bought a mega bundle and an Easter bundle a couple of weeks ago. This time I got a St. Patrick's Day bundle and mini's of her new February colors. The shipping notice said that it was delivered last Friday, while my family and I were out camping at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma. My mom picked up the mail but didn't get this package. Monday I waited on the porch for the mailman, still no package. Tuesday I searched around the porch and bushes thinking maybe it blew off the porch. NO PACKAGE, I gave up the package for lost. But low and behold, when I got home yesterday I had 2 packages waiting. One being from my gnomey friend! I'm so happy and I did several squares of my blanket last night. Maybe I should share what came in the other package another time.

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  1. Congrats for starting It looks your socks and blanket!