Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Bit of a Sock Frenzy

So I mentioned last week that I am trying, I guess it's a goal, to knit at least 1 pair of socks per month. I did great last year, until the summer, so I only ended up with 9 socks at the end of the year. I got a little crazy and have bought all the sock yarn I can get my hands on lately so I don't run out. Like that would ever happen! Ha Ha! I just counted an I have, AT LEAST, enough socks to knit 30 pair. (eta:ok it may be closer to 50) Not counting the sock yarn I'm saving for shawls and other projects. I'm thinking it's time to stop! In my panic attack that I am not going to make my goal again, since it is getting warm again, I have cast on 2 more pairs of socks in addition to the March Socks.
One pair is going pretty well and the other...well...has a story. So the first I cast on is another Olympic themed sock. This yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock that I got from Jimmy Beans Wool. It was their Sochi '14, a special colorway for the Olympics. They did a cool thing called Medal Madness. The price started at $24.50 but every time Team USA medaled the price dropped. $.10 for a gold, $.05 for silver, and $.03 for bronze. So, I ended up only paying $22.82 for the skein. That is yarn my husband could get behind! I really love the density of this yarn. It's not as soft as some, but I can tell that they are going to be RUGGED socks. I my give them to my 12 year old, Dylan.
Ok, now the story of the other socks. I was using the leftovers from my ill fated glittery Desert Vista Dyeworks socks. So split it in to 2 balls and started a toe up vanilla sock. Thinking that it would at least make some ankle socks. I got past the toe and made the mistake of pulling them out at church. Gasp! In my defense I was watching the pre-kindergarten kids during the worship service. Though I have been known to knit during the sermon. ;-) Don't tell my husband, he sings in the choir and can't see me! Back to the story, I pulled my sock out and the only girl in the room was very attracted to it.

Cute Little Girl: What'cha making? Can you make that for me?
Me: Well darlin', they are kinda adult sized, but I promise to make you some different ones.
CLG: But look! It fits on my foot!
Me: Yes, sweetheart, it does but I can make you some that are your size.
CLG: What about my hands. They are just my size mittens!

So I started thinking, they are a good size for kid's mitten, I'll just need to do the wrist band and add an afterthought thumb.

Me: Ok, adorable pre-schooler. I'll turn these into mittens just for you.

I did about an inch of ribbing and realized that it wasn't going to work and then ripped it all out. All the backwards progress made me think, this is the worst yarn to give to a 5 year old. I already had an accident with the black bleeding and I knew what I was doing. But most importantly, I didn't want to give it away. I love this yarn, it's mine, mine, mine! So I think that my sweet little sunday school friend is going to get some Knit Picks socks, Felici, if I can find enough leftovers in a girlie color, or some quick mittens.
I've also cast on a sweater vest for my husband, Darin. I'm using the also discontinued Knit Picks Andes del Campo in Grizzly, Cilantro, and Brass Heather. It's very rustic, but so it my husband! I'm using the Mangyle pattern on It's ultimatly going to be his birthday sweater, so my deadline is April 30th. But fortuitusly, Kristin with the Yarngasm podcast and Elly with Elly’s Knit (in’) Sanity Podcast are doing a KAL for the guys in our lives. It's called the Any Man's Jumper KAL. I love it, sounds so British! I've almost finished the back.

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