Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Busy and Loopy

We had a crazy busy weekend. Preschool graduation, a family baby shower, and church picnic. Some where in there I hurt my back and it's still shooting pain up my neck and giving me head aches. I just barely finished my Stitch Surfers and got my Camp Loopy Project started on Sunday. I needed sleep, heck, I still need sleep. And my kids have not been cooperating. But I did get my Water for the Elephants socks started. Ok it was just the cuff but it's something. I'm about half way through the leg today, so I'm making good time. I always really love color work. For some reason it seems almost magical to me. I do two handed color work, so it goes fast. But these needles seem really tiny, so that's slowing me down. I usually knit socks on DPNs but this pattern calls for 2 circs, so I thought I'd try it. I really don't hate it at all, in fact I don't worry about my stitches slipping off as much as with the DPNs. But I sure am not moving as fast as with DPNs.  
I got snagged some more Gnome Acres in her update on Friday and it came in the mail on Monday. I love her super quick shipping. This first one is Gnome of the Lake. I seem to be really attracted to blues and greens lately. Not sure what I'll do with it yet. The second is a Doppelganger Set in Bertie Bott's with a matching Berry color short skein. This will be another pair of Stitch Surfers, some day!

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