Thursday, April 10, 2014

Empty Bananas

I'm going to go on a bit of a tangent first. There will be knitting later but I have to share what a weird day I had yesterday. I have no pictures (kinda a good thing) but I wish someone other than my kids could have been there to capture this. My day starts early, 5am, I'm out the door at 5:45, waaaaay before anyone else in my house gets up. I was in the kitchen grabbing my food for the day and went for a banana out of the fruit bowl for breakfast. It looked fine until I had it in my hand and realized it was just a peel. Someone had removed the fruit and left the peel (pretty much intact) in the fruit bowl. I said to my self "ok...weird" and grabbed the other banana. SAME THING! EMPTY BANANA! Someone had sliced the banana open on the backside and left the peel in the fruit bowl! I couldn't throw it away, needed to leave proof for my husband. He swears he didn't do it, so that leaves the kids. Probably wasn't the littles, they don't have the knife skills. So what was the 12 year old thinking!

I make it through work, staff meetings on Wednesdays and we are having computer problems all day. So everything takes twice as long. Right as I'm leaving my work phone starts acting up. But I get out of there ok. I go and pick up my kids, no problem. About 2 blocks from my house I get pulled over. It was one of those you know I was speeding, I know I was speeding, just give me the ticket and lets get this over with things. I think I pulled over before he turned his lights on. My 4 year old tried sweet talking the cop but I just wasn't feeling it.
The kids and I made it home and went straight into the back yard and found along with our giant lab/chow mix, Camper, another strange tiny dog. Luckily it seems like they were getting along. Our dog is really big, but super sweet. The little dog seemed friendly too. So we coaxed him over, he did have tags, and turns out his name is Kobe...Kobe Bryant. My kids loved Kobe, but we did call his mom and she came over to pick him up. At this point we are late to church where my 12 year old swears that he didn't touch the bananas. In fact he doesn't even like bananas! So did my husband not notice and buy empty bananas at the grocery store? Possibly! But after talking it out I think it was my mischevious 2 year old. He is a climber and I did find him on the kitchen counter the day before right by the bananas and I have been finding banana pieces EVERYWHERE. I think that since they were brand new bananas, the peel was still crisp and he, not knowing how to peel it, just bent in until a seam opened up in the back. WHEW! Ranting feels good!

On to the knitting, I did finish my Velveteen Monster Cowl. It's blocked and ready to wear, but I don't have any pictures yet, so you'll have to check my project page on Rav. I've also been working on my hubby's sweater vest, Grizzly Mangyle. I want to finish it by the end of the month, his birthday is the 30th. So my goal is to do 1 chart repeat per night, it takes me about an hour. Last night excluded, I've done pretty well. Last night I was in my bed hiding under my covers not touching anything, just in case.
My only bright spot yesterday was a little stash enhancement. I was lucky enough to score a little Lollipop Yarn in her update on Sunday. I got a ball of Watercolor Memories. It's a rainbow, but a little muted, which I LOVE! Please don't be jealous, it was my second time trying, and someone upstairs knew that my day needed a little perk I guess!
I've also started on my second April Sock!

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