Thursday, July 24, 2014

Alone at Last

I finally got a weekend to myself last weekend. The boys were off doing boy things and I got 24 uninterupted hours to do girlie things. I stayed up late watching TV that I wouldn't subject my kids and husband to and cross stitched. I got my Country Cottage Needleworks March Cottage done and I got some work done on my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Once Upon a Time Sampler.

I was able to get some stitching done because I finished my Camp Loopy Project #2! And I love it! The pattern really was easy but interesting. It turned out wonderful with the yarn Sweet Georgia Tough Love in the Mist colorway. It's a little tighter than it should be. Probably because I have been gaining weight lately. Something I really am going to work on after vacation next week. Anyway I did not put buttons on it, perhaps I will later. Right now I have been closing it at the top with a small broach that was my great grandmothers. I finished it about a week ago and I've already worn it twice. I am probably going to make another one in a baby size soon. Either as a Christmas or a baby shower gift.

I have also started ANOTHER sockhead hat. This one will probably be a Christmas gift too and I am doing it for Fibernymph's Head to Toe KAL. July is head so this was an obvious choice. The Fam and I are about to leave for vacation soon and this is something I can work on anywhere, even in the car. I do get car sick and headaches if I look down in a moving car. Which means reading, knitting, navigating, even looking back to deal with the kid is out. But I can knit on this with out looking at it! I just hope that I can find WiFi while we are gone so that I can post it in the thread!

I have been lusting after planners this week also. I don't have any new yarn this week. I think this is why I've spent so much time on and YouTube posts with how people use them. To hold me over until I can afford one I made a trip to Michael's and picked up some colorful markers, stickers, washi tape, etc. I've redecorated my journal to make it more fun and I've started Bullet Journaling. I think this method will meld well with the Erin Condren Planner and I can also used it now in just my lined paper journal. Like I said before I am planning to start working out again when we get back from vacation. I was doing really well and had lost 10 pounds in November. I was almost down to my high school weight, the smallest I'd been since that time also. But I started having galbladder attacks and found out I had gallstones and kidney stones. I had my gallbladder out the week before Thanksgiving and started a new medication for the kidney stones. I lost another 10 pounds during the recovery period, but I am pretty sure that I have gained it all back, maybe more. Since then my life, house, family have become completly chaotic and I have to get everything back together before school starts again. I am hoping that my journal/planner will help and encourage me to do better. I am going to use it to track my workouts, cleaning schedules, bills (also been a problem lately, chaotic life=chaotic spending). I am excited right now, even if it's only in my plain jane journal.

 As for reading, I did finish Between Love & Honor. was ok.

Between Love and Honor

I have started 2 new books. I started The Quick first but got the itch for some Outlander so I've switched to The Fiery Cross.

The Fiery Cross (Outlander, #5)

The Quick: A Novel

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