Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cross Stitching in the Dark

Hope you guys have a great holiday weekend if your in the states. My boredom from last week lead to an attempt to catch up on my Once Upon a Time Sampler. I am woefully behind, I'm done with March now and a few bits of the later months. I was stitching in bed on Sunday afternoon and it was getting too dark in the bedroom. We had a lot of cloudy and stormy days last week. Instead of moving to a sunny window in the living room my laziness won out and I had to improvise. My hubby's headlamp worked great!

I was able to finish Dylan's Sockhead hat this week also. He was not a willing model! But he likes it. The yarn is nice and soft now that it's been washed. It was a little scratchy while I was working on it. I wasn't sure how this self striping would do in this pattern but it made nice little 2 row stripes. I've been calling it his ghetto smurf hat. He wore it the day I finished it. I don't know how since it was HOT!
My youngest son it a bit of a character. He's 2 and a half and we call him the baby dictator. He lets you know exactly what he wants and is very opinionated. He had a bit of a run in with my yarn stash this week and couldn't get himself out. He was not pleased that I grabbed my phone and took a picture before helping him out. As you can tell by the "you can die now" look he was giving me.

Promptly on July 1st I started my second Camp Loopy project. I have been surprised how fast it's going so far. I'm almost done with the lace bodice. As of today I need about a repeat and a half of the 20 row pattern. I'm not sure how I feel about the yarn yet. It's very pretty, a subtly variegated purple. But there have probably been 6 joins and I'm not half way through the first ball. They seem to be well done but I'm nervous and I don't understand why it would be this way.

Now for my recent acquisitions. I got my last shipment in the most recent Vesper Sock Yarn Club. I am not doing the next round, but will for sure sign up again once I have knitted up some of my current stash of self striping. I have loved to colorways. June's is called Hummingbird and it is almost iridescent. It's lovely! I loved both of the other colorways from this quarter too and I can't wait to knit them. They will definitely be socks!

  And in honor of the holiday weekend, here is a recent purchase again from Gnome Acres. I am really addicted to her yarn! I got an Independence Day Doppelg√§nger Sock Set which I am going to split up and use as solids to make stitch surfers with my ever growing collection of red, white, and blue self striping. I also got a skein of Captain America on Sparkle Gnome.

Now for my reading! I did finish:

The Agincourt Bride (Catherine de Valois, #1)

Bird Box

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Oz, #1)

All were ok books, I gave them 3 stars. Today I started:

Wolf Hall (Thomas Cromwell, #1)

I am also re-reading Gone With the Wind in conjunction with a 6 month yarn club through Cannon Hand Dyes. We are doing a read along too and reading one part of the book per month. I started part 1 on July 1st and finished it on July 2nd. I am going to try to go along with the schedule but I love this book so much, it's gonna be hard.

Gone with the Wind

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